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According To My Heart                                                                                 

Across the Bridge                                                                                    

Adios Amigo                                                                                          

After A while                                                                                          

After Loving You                                                                                     

All Dressed Up and Lonely                                                                             


Am I Losing You                                                                                      

Am I That Easy to Forget                                                                              

An Evening Prayer                                                                                    

An Old Christmas Card                                                                                 

Angels Don't Lie                                                                                     

Anna Marie                                                                                           

Annabel Lee                                                                                           

Auf Wiederseh'n Sweetheart                                                                           

Ballad of 96                                                                                          

Be Honest With Me                                                                                    

Beatin' on the Ding Dong                                                                             

Beautiful Life                                                                                      

Before I Died                                                                                        

Before You Came Along                                                                                 

Bet 'n Stille Uurtjie                                                                                

Beyond The Clouds                                                                                    

Beyond Shadow of Doubt                                                                           

Billy Bayou                                                                                          


Blue Boy                                                                                             

Blue Canadian Rockies                                                                                

Blue Christmas                                                                                        

Blue From Now On                                                                                     

Blue Side of Lonesome                                                                                 

Blue Skies                                                                                           

Blue Without My Baby                                                                                 

Blues in My Heart                                                                                     

Bolandse Nooientjie                                                                                  

Born to Be Lucky                                                                                      

Bottle, Take Effect                                                                                  


Breeze Blow My Baby Back to Me                                                                       

Broder Baby                                                                                          

Bud's Bounce                                                                                          

But You Love Me Daddy                                                                                

Butterfly Love                                                                                       

Carolina Moon                                                                                        


Chicken Hearted                                                                                       

Chittlin' Blues                                                                                      


Christmas Alone                                                                                      

Could I Be Falling in Love                                                                           

Crying In My Sleep                                                                                    

Crying Is My Favorite Mood                                                                           

Daar Doer in Die Bosveld                                                                             

Danny Boy                                                                                            

Dark Moon                                                                                            

Dear Hearts and Gentle People                                                                         

Deep Dark Water                                                                                      

Diamonds in the Sand                                                                                 

Did You Darling                                                                                      

Die Blonde Matroos                                                                                   

Die Ou Kalahari                                                                                       

Ding Dong                                                                                            


Distant Drums                                                                                        

Dolly With the Dimpled Knees                                                                         

Don't Ask Me Why                                                                                      

Don't Let Me Cross Over                                                                              

Don't Tell Me                                                                                         

Don't You Want to Be My Girl (Poor Little Doll)                                                      

Draf Maar Aan Ou Ryperd                                                                              

Drinking Tequila                                                                                      

Each Beat of My Heart                                                                                

Each Time You Leave                                                                                   

Echo Bonita                                                                                          

Ek Verlang na Jou                                                                                    

El Rancho del Rio                                                                                     

Everywhere You Go                                                                                    

Fallen Star                                                                                         

Far Away Feeling The Spell Of The Yukon                                                              

Final Affair                                                                                                                                                                                

Four Walls                                                                                           

From Jack To King                                                                                


Give Me One More Kiss                                                                                

God Be With You                                                                                       

Golden Memories and Silver Tears                                                                     

Good Morning Self                                                                                    

Goodnight Irene                                                                                      

Got You on My Mind                                                                                   


Gypsy Feet                                                                                           

Gypsy Heart                                                                                          

Have I Stayed Away Too Long                                                                          

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You                                                               

Have Thine Own Way, Lord                                                                              

Have You Ever Been Lonely Have You Ever Been Blue                                                    

He Will                                                                                              

Heart Breaking Baby                                                                                  

Heartbreak in Silhouette                                                                             

He'll Have To Go                                                                                      

Hello Walls                                                                                          

Highway to Nowhere                                                                                   

Hillbilly Waltz                                                                                      


Honey, Won't You Please Come Home                                                                     

How Can I Write On Paper What I Feel In My Heart                                                     

How Long Has It Been                                                                                  

How Many                                                                                             

How's the World Treating You                                                                         

Humpty Dumpty Heart                                                                                   

I Can't Fly                                                                                          

I Can't Stop Loving You                                                                               

I Care No More                                                                                       

I Catch Myself Crying                                                                                

I Could Cry                                                                                           

I Didn't Know The Gun Was                                                                            

I Don't See Me in Your Eyes Anymore                                                                   

I Fall to Pieces                                                                                     

I Get the Blues When It Rains                                                                        

I Grew Up                                                                                             

I Guess I'm Crazy                                                                                    

I Heard Heart Break Last Night                                                                      

I Know And You Know                                                                                  

I Know One                                                                                           

I Let The World Pass Me By                                                                            

I 'll Fly Away                                                                                                                                                                                   

I Love You Because                                                                                   

I Love You More                                                                                      

I Missed Me                                                                                           

I Never Pass There Anymore                                                                           

I Was Just Walkin' Out the Door                                                                       

I Won't Come in While He's There                                                                     

I Won't Forget You                                                                                   

Ichabod Crane                                                                                         

I'd Fight the World                                                                                  

I'd Like To Be                                                                                        

I'd Rather Have Jesus                                                                                

I'd Rather Not Know                                                                                  

If Heartaches Are the Fashion                                                                         

If You Love Me Don't Leave Me                                                                        

If You Were Mine                                                                                      

I'll Always Love You                                                                                 

I'll Fly Away                                                                                        

I'll Follow You                                                                                       

I'll Tell the World I Love You                                                                       

I'm Beginning to Forget You                                                                           

I'm Crying Again                                                                                                                                                                        

I'm Fool To Care                                                                                    

I'm Getting Better                                                                                   

I'm Glad You're Better                                                                                

I'm Gonna Change Everything                                                                          

I'm Hurtin' Inside                                                                                   

I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In                                                              

In Die Skadu Van Ou Tafelberg                                                                        

In Mansion Stands My Love                                                                           

In the Garden                                                                                        

In the Misty Moonlight                                                                               

Is It Really Over                                                                                     

Is This Me                                                                                           

It Is No Secret                                                                                       

It's Hard to Love Just One                                                                           

It's Hurts So Much To See You Go                                                                     

It's No Sin                                                                                           

It's Nothin' to Me                                                                                   

It's Only Paper Moon                                                                                

I've Enjoyed as Much of This as I Can Stand                                                          

I've Forgotten You                                                                                   

I've Got Just the Thing for You                                                                       

I've Lived Lot in My Time                                                                          

I've Never Been So Blue                                                                               

Jesus Is Calling                                                                                     

Jimbo Jenkins                                                                                        

Jingle Bells                                                                                          

Just Call Me Lonesome                                                                                

Just Out of Reach                                                                                     

Just Walk On By                                                                                      

Just Walking in the Rain                                                                             

Jy Is My Liefling                                                                                     

Kimberley Jim                                                                                        

Let Me Love You JustLittle                                                                         

Let Me Remember Things I Can't Forget                                                                

Letter to My Heart                                                                                 


Little Ole Dime                                                                                      

Little Ole You                                                                                        

Lonely Music                                                                                         

Lonesome Waltz                                                                                       

Look Behind You                                                                                       

Losing Your Love                                                                                     

Love Me Little Bit More                                                                             

Make Me Wonderful In Her Eyes                                                                        

Make the World Go Away                                                                               

Making Believe                                                                                   


Maria Elena                                                                                           


Mary Carter Paint                                                                                    

Mary's Boy Child                                                                                      

Mary's Little Boy Child                                                                              


May the Good Lord Bless and Keep You                                                                 

Memories Are Made of This                                                                            

Men With Broken Hearts                                                                                

Mexicali Rose                                                                                        

Mexican Joe                                                                                           

Midnight In Old Amarillo                                                                             

Missing Angel                                                                                        

Missing You                                                                                           

Mona Lisa                                                                                            

Moon River                                                                                            

Moonlight and Roses                                                                                  

Most Of The Time (1962)                                                                              

Mother Went A-Walkin'                                                                                 

My Blinde Hart                                                                                       

My Cathedral                                                                                          

My Hands Are Clean                                                                                   

My Happiness                                                                                         

My Heart's LikeWelcome Mat                                                                        

My Juanita                                                                                           

My Lips Are Sealed                                                                                    

My Mary                                                                                              

My Rambling Heart                                                                                    

Naughty Angeline                                                                                      

Near the Cross                                                                                       

Need Me                                                                                               

Never Take No for an Answer                                                                          

Nickel Piece of Candy                                                                              

No One to Cry To                                                                                      

Nobody's Fool                                                                                        

Nooientjie Van Die Ou Transvaal                                                                       

Not Until the Next Time                                                                              

Now and Then There'sFool Such as I                                                                

O Come All Ye Faithful                                                                               

O Little Town of Bethlehem                                                                           

Oh! What It Seemed to Be                                                                              

Oh, Gentle Shepherd                                                                                  

Oh, How I Miss You Tonight                                                                           

Oklahoma Hills                                                                                        

Old Tige                                                                                             

Old Time Religion                                                                                     

On the Wings of Snow White Dove                                                                    

Once uponTime                                                                                     

One Dozen Roses                                                                                       

One Has My Name The Other Has My Heart                                                               

One Little Rose                                                                                       


Padre of Old San Antone                                                                              

Peace in the Valley                                                                                  

Penny Candy                                                                                          

Penny for Your Thoughts                                                                             

Pickin' Chicken                                                                                    

Please Come Home                                                                                     

Please Forgive                                                                                        

Please Leave My Darling Alone                                                                        

Portugueses Washer Woman                                                                              

Precious Memories                                                                                    

Pretty Paper                                                                                         

Pride Goes BeforeFall                                                                             

Raggin' the Keys                                                                                     


Read This Letter                                                                                     

Red Eyed and Rowdy                                                                                   

Right Words                                                                                           

Rodger Young                                                                                         

Roly Poly                                                                                             

Room Full of Roses                                                                                   

Rosa Rio                                                                                             


Roses Are Red My Love                                                                                

Roving Gambler                                                                                        

Sand in My Shoes                                                                                     

Sarie Marais                                                                                         

Satan Can't Hold Me                                                                                  

Scarlet Ribbons                                                                                      

Sea Breeze                                                                                            

Send Me Back My Love                                                                                 

Seņor Santa Claus                                                                                    

Seven Days                                                                                           

Silent Night                                                                                         

Silver Bells                                                                                          


Someday You'll Want Me to Want You                                                                   

Somewhere Along The Line                                                                             

Spanish Violins                                                                                      

Stand at Your Window                                                                                  

Stand At Your Window (1961)                                                                          

Stand In                                                                                              


Starnger's JustFriend                                                                           

Strike It Rich                                                                                        


Sweet Sue, Just You                                                                                  


Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me                                                                     

Take My Hand, Precious Lord                                                                           

Teach Me How to Pray                                                                                 

Teardrops in My Heart                                                                                 

Teardrops of Regret                                                                                  

Teardrops on the Rocks                                                                               

Tennessee Waltz bad mono                                                                              

That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine                                                                     

That's My Desire                                                                                      

That's Sad Affair                                                                                  

That's When I See the Blues In Your Pretty Brown Eyes                                                

The Blizzard                                                                                          

The Farmer And The Lord                                                                              

The Flowers, the Sunset, the Trees                                                                    

The Fool's Paradise                                                                                  

The Girl I Left Behind                                                                               

The Gods Were Angry With Me                                                                           

The Gun                                                                                              

The Hawaiian Wedding Song                                                                             

The Image of Me                                                                                      

The Jim Reeves Medley                                                                                

The Letter Edged In Black                                                                             

The Merry Christmas Polka                                                                            

The Mighty Everglades                                                                                 

The Night Watch                                                                                      

The Old Kalahari                                                                                     

The One That Got Away                                                                                 

The Padre of Old San Antone                                                                          

The Search Is Ended                                                                                   

The Shifting Whispering Sands                                                                        

The Storm                                                                                            

The Streets of Laredo                                                                                 

The Talking Walls                                                                                    

The Tie That Binds                                                                                    

The Wilder Your Heart Beats The Sweeter Your Love                                                    

The Wind-Up                                                                                          

The World You Left Behind                                                                             

The Wreck of the Number Nine                                                                         

The Writing's on The Wall                                                                             

Theme of Love                                                                                        

Theme of Love I Love to Say I Love You                                                               

Then I'll Stop Loving You                                                                             

There'll Be Bluebirds Over The White                                                                 

There's Always Me                                                                                     

There's Someone Who Loves You                                                                        

There's That Smile Again                                                                             

There's Heartache Following Me                                                                     

There's New Moon Over My Shoulder                                                                  

This Is It                                                                                            

This World is Not My Home                                                                            

Throw Another Log on the Fire                                                                        


Till The End of The World                                                                             

Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals                                                                    

Trouble In The Amen Corner                                                                           


Trying To Forget                                                                                     

Tweedle O'Twill                                                                                      

Two Shadows on Your Window                                                                            

Verreland (Far Away)                                                                                 

Wagon Load of Love                                                                                    

Waiting forTrain                                                                                  

Waltzing on Top of the World                                                                         

We Could                                                                                              

We Thank Thee                                                                                        

Welcome to My World                                                                                   

What Were You Doing Last Night                                                                       

What Would You Do                                                                                    

What's in It for Me                                                                                   

When Did You Leave Heaven                                                                            

When I Lost You                                                                                       

When Two Worlds Collide                                                                              

When You Are Gone                                                                                    

Where Do I Go from Here                                                                               

Where Do I Go to ThrowPicture Away                                                                

Where DoesBroken Heart Go                                                                          

Where We'll Never Grow Old                                                                           

Whispering Hope                                                                                      

Whispering Willow                                                                                     

White Christmas                                                                                      

Why Do I Love You                                                                                     

Wild Rose                                                                                            

Wishful Thinking                                                                                     

Woman's Love                                                                                        

Wreck of The Number Nine                                                                             

Yes, There'sReason                                                                                 

Yonder ComesSucker                                                                                

You Are My Love                                                                                      

You Belong to Me                                                                                      

You Darling You                                                                                      

You Kept Me Awake Last Night                                                                          

You'll Never Be Mine Again                                                                           

You'll Never Know                                                                                    

Young Hearts                                                                                          

Your Old Love Letters                                                                                

Your Wedding                                                                                          

You're Free to Go                                                                                    

You're Slipping Away from Me                                                                         

You're the Only Good Thing That's Happened to Me                                                     

You're the Sweetest Thing                                                                            



Jim Reeves & Alvadean Coke - Are You the One                                                                      

Jim Reeves & Carol Johnson - Mother of Honky Tonk Girl                                                          

Jim Reeves & Carolyn Bradshaw - The Marriage of Mexican Joe                                                       

Jim Reeves & Conny Francis - Send Me The Pillow                                                                   

Jim Reeves & Danny Dill - Partners                                                                                 

Jim Reeves & Deborah Allen - Don't Let Me Cross Over                                                              

Jim Reeves & Deborah Allen - Oh, How I Miss You Tonight                                                            

Jim Reeves & Deborah Allen - Take Me in Your Arms and Hold Me                                                     

Jim Reeves & Dorothy Ann Dillard - But You Love Me Daddy                                                           

Jim Reeves & Dottie West - Look Who's Talking                                                                     

Jim Reeves & Dottie West - Love Is No Excuse                                                                       

Jim Reeves & Dottie West - Oh, How I Miss You Tonight                                                             

Jim Reeves & Elvis Presley - Take My Hand, Precious Lord                                                          

Jim Reeves & Jesse - The Little Paper Boy (1963)                                                                  

Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline - Have You Ever Been Lonely                                                              

Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline - I Fall To Pieces                                                                       

Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline - Missing You                                                                            

Jim Reeves & Roger Miller - Home                                                                                   

Jim Reeves & Tammy Wynette - Is It Really Over                                                                    


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