Johnny Cash (1932-2003)



Overzicht van de 231 liedjes, die ik heb verzameld, allemaal als MP3


25 Minutes To Go                                                                                      

A Boy Named Sue (Live)                                                                                

A Thing Called Love                                                                                   

All Over Again                                                                                        

Always Alone                                                                                          

Are All The Children In                                                                               

As long as the Grass Shall Grow                                                                       

Ballad ofTeenage Queen                                                                             

Ballad of Ira Hayes                                                                                   

Before My Time                                                                                        


Big Iron                                                                                              

Big River                                                                                             

Blue Train                                                                                            


Born To Lose                                                                                          

Boss Jack                                                                                             

Breaking Bread                                                                                        


Chicken in Black                                                                                      


Cocaine Blues                                                                                         

Cold Shoulder                                                                                         

Come In Stranger                                                                                      

Country Boy                                                                                           

Country Trash                                                                                         

Cry! Cry! Cry!                                                                                        


Dark As The Dungeon                                                                                   

Delias Gone                                                                                           

Devil Went Back Down to Georgia                                                                       

Dirty Old Egg-Suckin' Dog                                                                             

Doin' my Time                                                                                         

Don't Make me go                                                                                      

Don't Step on Mother's Roses                                                                          

Don't Take Your Guns to Town                                                                          

Dorraine Of Ponchartrain                                                                              

Down the Street                                                                                       

Drink to me                                                                                           

Field of Diamonds                                                                                     

Five Feet High and Rising                                                                             

Flesh and Blood                                                                                       

Flushed From The Bathroom Of Your Heart                                                               

Folsom Prison Blues                                                                                   

Fool's Hall of Fame                                                                                   

Forty Shades of Green                                                                                 

Frankie's Man, Johnny                                                                                 

Get Rhythm                                                                                            

Ghost Riders In The Sky                                                                               

Give My Love To Rose                                                                                  

God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away                                                                    

Going to Memphis                                                                                      

Goodbye Little Darlin'                                                                                

Goodnight Irene                                                                                       

Great Speckled Bird                                                                                   

Green, Green Grass Of Home                                                                            

Guess Things Happen That way                                                                          

Hank and Joe and Me                                                                                   

Heart of gold                                                                                         

He'll Understand and Say Well Done                                                                    

Hey Good Lookin'                                                                                      

Hey Porter                                                                                            

Highway Man                                                                                           

Home of the Blues                                                                                     

Honky-Tonk Girl                                                                                       


I Can't Help It (If I'm Still In Love With You)                                                       

I Could Never Be Ashamed Of You                                                                       

I Couldn't Keep From Crying                                                                           

I Feel Better All Over                                                                                

I Forgot to Remember to Forget                                                                        

I Fought The Law                                                                                      

I Got Shoes                                                                                           

I Got Stripes                                                                                         

I Heard That Lonesome Whistle                                                                         

I Just Thought You'd Like To Know                                                                     

I Love Because                                                                                        

I Never Picked Cotton                                                                                 

I SawMan                                                                                           

I SeeDarkness                                                                                      

I Still Miss Someone                                                                                  

I Walk The Line                                                                                       

I Want to go Home                                                                                     

I was There When it Happened                                                                          

I Will Miss you When you go                                                                           

I Won't Back Down                                                                                     

I'd Just Be Fool Enough (To Fall) (2)                                                                 

I'd Rather die Young                                                                                  

If The Good Lord's Willing                                                                            

If We Never Meet Again                                                                                

I'll Remember You                                                                                     


I'm Bound for the Promised Land                                                                       

I'm Leavin' Now                                                                                       

I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry                                                                           

In the Sweet by and by                                                                                

It Could Be You (Instead Of Him)                                                                      

It's Just About Time                                                                                  


Joe Bean                                                                                              

Just one More                                                                                         

Just Thought Youd Like To Know                                                                        


Katy Too                                                                                              

Kneeling Drunkard's plea                                                                              

Let The Lower Lights Be Burning                                                                       

Life Goes On                                                                                          

Loading Coal                                                                                          

Lonesome Whistle                                                                                      

Long Black Veil                                                                                       

Long Legged Guitar Pickin'                                                                            


Luther Played the Boogie                                                                              

Mamas Baby                                                                                            

Man In Black                                                                                          

Man in White                                                                                          

Mary of The Wild Moor                                                                                 

Mean Eyed Cat                                                                                         

My Grandfather's Clock                                                                                

My Shoes Keep Walking Back To You                                                                     

My Treasurer                                                                                          

My Two Timin' Woman                                                                                   

New Mexico                                                                                            

Next in Line                                                                                          


Oh Lonesome me                                                                                        

Oh WhatDream                                                                                       

Old Apache Squaw                                                                                      

Old Apache                                                                                            

Old Doc Brown                                                                                         

One More Ride                                                                                         

One Piece atTime                                                                                   


Orange Blossom Special                                                                                

Pickin Time                                                                                           


Port Of Lonely Hearts                                                                                 

Ragged old Flag                                                                                       

Remember me (I'm The One Who Loves You)                                                               

Ring of Fire                                                                                          

Rock Island Line                                                                                      

Run Softly, Blue River                                                                                

Rusty Cage                                                                                            

San Quentin                                                                                           

Seasons Of My Heart                                                                                   

Second Honey Moon                                                                                     

SendPicture Of Mother                                                                              

She Came From The Mountains                                                                           

Shepherd of my Heart                                                                                  

Sixteen Tons                                                                                          

Slow Rider                                                                                            

Smiling Bill McCall                                                                                   

So Doggone Lonesome                                                                                   

Solitary man                                                                                          

Southern Accents                                                                                      

Story OfBroken Heart                                                                               

Straight As In Love                                                                                   

Streets of Laredo                                                                                     


Sunday Morning Sidewalk                                                                               

Supper Time                                                                                           

Tennessee Flat Top Box                                                                                

Tennessee Waltz                                                                                       

Thank's a Lot                                                                                          

That Lucky Old Sun                                                                                    

That's All Over                                                                                       

That's Enough                                                                                         

The Ballad of Ira Hayes                                                                               

The Caretaker                                                                                         

The Chicken in Black                                                                                  

The City Of New Orleans                                                                               

The General Lee                                                                                       

The Great Speckled Bird                                                                               

The Legend Of John Henry's Hammer                                                                     

The Long Black Veil                                                                                   

The Man Comes Around                                                                                  

The Man on the Hill                                                                                   

The Mercy Seat                                                                                        

The Night Hank Williams Came to Town                                                                  

The One on the Right is on the Left                                                                   

The one Rose                                                                                          

The Rebel Johnny Yuma                                                                                 

The Rock Island Line                                                                                  

The Story of Broken Heart                                                                           

The Troubadour                                                                                        

The Wall                                                                                              

The Ways ofWoman in Love                                                                           

The Wreck Of The Old '97                                                                              

There You go                                                                                          

These Things Shall Pass                                                                               

This Train is Bound For Glory (Country Gospel)                                                        

Time Changes Everything                                                                               

Train of Love                                                                                         

Transfusion Blues                                                                                     

Two Timin' Woman                                                                                      

Understand Your Man                                                                                   

Wabash Cannonball                                                                                     

Waiting forTrain                                                                                   

Walking the Blues                                                                                     

Wanted Man                                                                                            

Wayfaring Stranger                                                                                    

Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)                                                          

What Do I Care                                                                                        

What is Truth                                                                                         

When I've Learned Enough To Die                                                                       

When Papa Played The Dobro                                                                            

When the Roll is Called up Yonder                                                                     

Why do you Punish me                                                                                  

Why isFire Engine Red                                                                              

Wide Open Road                                                                                        

Would You Lay With Me (InField Of Stone)                                                           

You are my Sunshine                                                                                   

You Dreamer You                                                                                       

You Tell Me                                                                                           

You Win Again                                                                                         

You're the Nearest Thing to Heaven                                                                    

Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan - Girl From the North Country                                                               

Johnny Cash & Bob Dylan - You Are My Sunshine                                                                       

Johnny Cash & Emmylou Harris - Wish we Were Back in Missouri                                                        

Johnny Cash & Ernest Tubb - Soldier's Last Letter                                                                   

Johnny Cash & Jerry Lee - May The Circle Be Unbroken                                                                

Johnny Cash & Joan Baez - Gospel Ship                                                                               

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - Daddy Sang Bass                                                                    

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - If I WereCarpenter                                                              

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - It Aint Me Babe                                                                    

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - Jackson                                                                            

Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - No, no, no                                                                         

Johnny Cash & Marty Robbins - Song of the Patriot                                                                   

Johnny Cash & U2 - The Wanderer                                                                                     

Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - Family Bible                                                                          

Johnny Cash & Willie Nelson - The Last Cowboy Song                                                                  


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